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According to the Chinese calendar, this year is the Chinese Zodiac symbol for horse. (Courtesy of Dai Collections)
According to the Chinese calendar, this year is the Chinese Zodiac symbol for horse. (Courtesy of Dai Collections)

If you are looking for Chinese zodiac symbols information, Chinese horoscope compatibility or want to know “What Chinese year was I born in?”,  you’ve come to the right place.

Accurate and detailed information about the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, or Chinese astrology signs, is hard to come by in English. So we’re giving you everything you need in our eBook, Chinese Horoscopes: Secrets of the Chinese Zodiac to get started on your journey to understanding the Chinese zodiac.

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FREE eBook available for download from Vision Times.

This FREE eBook contains 60 pages of information including:

  • Chinese zodiac calculator
  • Chinese lunar calendars
  • Chinese horoscope love compatibility grid/chart
  • Chinese zodiac relationships
  • Chinese astrology all five elements: metal, water, wood, fire and earth for all zodiac signs
  • Beautiful Chinese illustrations of all Chinese zodiac signs
  • Plus more!

In the Western world, people look to the monthly horoscopes based on star sign astrology to unlock the secret knowledge of their futures. However, in the East, Chinese astrology uses the Chinese calendar according to when you were born to predict your destiny and help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your true self.

Full eBook Contents:

  • What Is the Chinese Zodiac?
  • Chinese Calendar: 1924-1983
  • Chinese Calendar: 1984-2043
  • Are ‘Goat’ and ‘Sheep’ the Same Sign?
  • How Can All Snakes Be the Same?
  • Zodiac Season Chart
  • Zodiac Hour Chart
  • Chinese Zodiac Signs Compatibility
  • Compatiblity Chart
  • How Can I Overcome a Bad Match?
  • Zodiac Pairs: Balance and Harmony
  • Chinese Horoscope Signs: Rat
  • Chinese Horoscope Signs: Ox
  • Chinese Horoscope Signs: Tiger
  • Chinese Horoscope Signs: Rabbit
  • Chinese Horoscope Signs: Dragon
  • Chinese Horoscope Signs: Snake
  • Chinese Horoscope Signs: Horse
  • Chinese Horoscope Signs: Goat
  • Chinese Horoscope Signs: Monkey
  • Chinese Horoscope Signs: Rooster
  • Chinese Horoscope Signs: Dog
  • Chinese Horoscope Signs: Pig
  • Legend of the Chinese Zodiac

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