Shopkeeper Pays 10,000 Yuan Fine in 10¢ Coins

Have you ever copped a fine, and thought it was totally unfair, but had to pay it anyway? What would you do? A shop owner in China had a brilliant idea. They were fined 68,000 yuan after a physical altercation with a couple. More than two weeks after the deadline for the fine, they decided to pay part of that, 10,000 yuan, in ten-cent coins.

Do you know how many bags that would fill up? Eight bags! The couple, stuck with 8 heavy bags filled with dimes had to take it to several banks until they found one who would accept the deposit.

Now, for some reason, this bank in Kunming, Yunnan province didn’t have a coin counter, so they got 18 bank employees to carefully count and stack the coin, after 9 hours of doing this, they only got through about half of the coins.

Now, where that person got 100,000 10-cent coins is a bit beyond me. From the pictures, you can see the some of the coins were already counted in these little paper tubes. So, he obviously did this out of spite, and went somewhere to withdraw these pennies to pay the fine.

The reaction to this bizarre payment in coins has been mixed. Some Chinese netizens thought the bank deserved praise for being willing to help the couple deposit their money. Others came up with ideas of how to speed up the coin counting process.

Some thought you could make a mold that fits 50 coins, and you’d just have to fill those up and keep count of how many 50 coin sets you have. Someone else thought of weighing the coins, say 100, which makes up 10 yuan. Then weight everything else and divided by 10 to get the total amount.

I would kinda have to agree with the netizens, think about how much labor costs would be involved in counting 100,000 coins. How they’ve been doing it is so labor intensive, and not really that efficient.

And, I mean, the person who paid this fine obviously isn’t showing any remorse for what he’s done. He’s basically just played a very mean trick on the couple.

What do you guys think? Would you accept compensation payment in coins? Or, if you had to count all these coins, how would you do it without a coin-counting machine. Let us know in the comments section below, and thanks for watching.

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