Communist Party Member Refuses to Comply with Hong Kong Police

In a road accident on Aug. 7 at around 2 a.m., a self-proclaimed Communist Party member yelled at Hong Kong police after crashing, and refused to take a breath test. The online video shows the minivan with a Hong Kong license plate after it hit the guard rail at North Point.

Police arrived at the scene and requested that the driver to show his license and take an alcohol breath test. The driver, Huang, refused to comply and attempted to intimidate the police by identifying himself as a Communist Party member. He shouted:

“What’s the big deal? I’m a member of the Communist Party!”

One of the policeman replied:

“Maybe you are, but so what? I am a Hong Kong policeman! Who cares whether you are in the Communist Party or not!”

Another officer warned the driver that if he did not show his driver’s license and ID card, he would be arrested. The police ended up arresting him for obstructing official business and refusing to take a breath test.

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