7 Most Detested Groups in China

Who are the most detested groups in China today? The seven groups below have become the targets of scorn in China. (Loganban / 123rf.com)
Who are the most detested groups in China today? The seven groups below have become the targets of scorn in China. (Loganban / 123rf.com)

Who are the most detested groups in China today? Following increasing anti-corruption campaigns that net top offenders and massive exposures of illegal money grabs, the seven groups below have become the targets of scorn in China.

1. Public officials and civil servants

Many public officials and civil servants have been accused of corruption. They don’t pay much attention to being responsible in their duty to the public, so people love throwing insults at them. Officials use their time in office to fiercely compete for selfish gains and personal power.  They enact policies that cause the common citizens to suffer. They are precisely why China continues to face social unrest.

2. National People’s Congress deputies

They are supposed to represent the people at the national level and carry out their duties for the benefit of the public. But they act for the privileged few and ignore the masses. The people pay taxes to be represented, but the representatives serve only themselves. Is there any wonder why people are indignant?

3. High-profile tycoons

China’s newly rich gentlemen are in love with wealth. They accumulate money through every improper and dishonest means thinkable. If they could just use legal and proper channels to make money, they wouldn’t be so hated by the populace. Tycoons in China need to understand that the road to riches requires ethics and honesty.

4. Fake economists

Economists are a tool in the hands of China’s greedy politicians. They are used to lavish praise on the Communist Party for economic gain of any kind. They tell people they should be thankful to the Communist Party for everything they have, and fool the public into thinking the government is the root of all prosperity. They ignore the fact that the majority of China’s economic gains are concentrated in the hands of a small minority, mostly corrupt officials and their families. They don’t give credit to the populace who actually sweat in the fields and factories, the ones who truly drive the economy.

5. Fake specialists

Experts and specialists are well-respected in China, and they can be found in almost every field. But they are often used to justify authoritarian policies by the state. For example, the government used psychologists to label petitioners in Beijing mentally unstable. The Chinese authorities then used the label as an excuse to arrest so many protesting Chinese citizens and throw them into mental institutes. With the help of fake experts, Chinese authorities can legitimize authoritarian policies of all kinds.

6. Real estate developers

Real estate developers scheme alongside local government officials. Many of them collude with local officials in illegal land grabs. Local officials help real estate developers by illegally demolishing people’s homes and forcibly removing people from their land. They offer the people who live there almost no compensation for the destruction. Afterwards, they reap huge profits by selling the stolen land to developers. These crimes leave many people homeless, while officials get rich. This issue has resulted in many cases of intense conflict between local citizens and local government. In China, bloody incidents over forced demolitions are common.

7. Executives of state-owned enterprises

People who run state-owned enterprises brag about the money they make and the success of the enterprises. But such national enterprises like banks, oil, electricity, and phone services like Mobile Unicom and Telecom, make money because they monopolize the market and increase the cost burden on the people. The luxurious life of these executives comes from the pockets of ordinary citizens, who struggle to pay the exorbitant fees.

What’s next?

The above categories of people are tearing society apart; that is why they are so scorned. If China is to prosper, then these people who only benefit themselves and harm others can’t continue to do as they do. China can’t have these people pulling down the country any longer. China needs more people with morals, compassion, and a sense of responsibility.

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