Colorful Inkblot-Style Watercolors of China’s Provinces Have Gone Viral

    1.	Grey Anhui Province.3.	The red and grey political haze of Beijing.2.	Blue Macau Province.23.	Pink for the coastal areas of Shandong? Maybe we shouldn’t think about the colors so much.28.	Taiwan’s Central Mountains really stand out! The blue is the Diaoyu Islands—as well as a re-location… no comment.24.	Shanxi Province.32.	Xinjiang—a God-given gift—with desert, oases, home of the favorite Xinjiang grapes and cantaloupes.19.	Liaoning Province—like a unicorn.16.	Jilin Province—rippling, watery beauty.

    The artist is anonymous, but that hasn’t stopped this series of watercolors going viral. Done in the style of inkblots, but much more colorful, each of China’s beloved 34 provinces is depicted. Figuring out what the colors mean in reference to each province was fun—like a riddle. Tell us how we did, and if you have your own interpretations.

    To create each watercolor, the artist first painted the outline, and then used different watercolor and Chinese ink methods to fill in and contour the provinces, like splashing and blowing. The result is bright and fresh.

    Yes, we know, Taiwan and Tibet are in there—just forget about that for a moment, and enjoy a splash of watercolor in your day.

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