China Box Office Goes Gaga Over X-Men

The new movie X-Men: Days of Future Past topped the charts in China on its opening weekend, raking in 252 million yuan (about $40.4 million) from around 6,000 screens.

This is the biggest Hollywood opening in China so far this year, and 20th Century Fox’s second highest debut in the world’s second largest film market, at only 5 percent behind the Chinese opening numbers for Titanic 3D.

In just three days, the superhero film took in almost four times the weekly viewings of The Amazing Spiderman 2, which is in its third week in China.

Actress Fan Bingbing stars as teleporting mutant Blink to tailor the movie for Chinese viewers. And a recent promotional visit to the mainland by Hugh Jackman, aka Logan/Wolverine, also boosted its popularity.

The movie was also a bit hit in the United States, coming in first place at the weekend with earnings of around $90.7 million, the top figures for any Fox film including Avatar.

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