25 Funniest Thoughts of Expats Living in Shanghai

People’s Square in Shanghai. (Marcin Wichary/Wikimedia Commons)
People’s Square in Shanghai. (Marcin Wichary/Wikimedia Commons)

Enjoy this amusing selection from 131 common thoughts of expats in Shanghai posted by Untour last month.

  1. China is so big and exciting! This was definitely a good idea.
  2. OMG so many people here, what did I get myself in to?
  3. Wow the subway is so convenient.
  4. Holy crap the subway is too full. I’ll just bike instead.
  5. It’s too hot to bike to work.
  6. It’s too cold to bike to work.
  7. I’ll just take the subway to work.
  8. If everyone in the subway would look up from their screens when they get to their stop, that would really be an improvement for the traffic flow.
  9. I wonder if we’ll be able to see the sun through the smog tomorrow.
  10. I really hope this is just fog.
  11. I really hope this isn’t acid rain.
  12. I would totally exercise more if the air quality was better.
  13. You get paid extra to live in Beijing, right?
  14. If I hear one more person hawk a loogie next to me, I may scream.
  16. Please don’t make me use Yahoo! Search.
  17. You’ve lived here for a year with no VPN? Are you insane?!
  18. Did I make that apple cleaner or dirtier by rinsing it in the tap water?
  19. If I ever get a dog, I promise to not make him wear shoes.
  20. God I hope this place has Western toilets.
  21. God, I don’t understand why I keep gaining so much weight.
  22. I wonder if the government has a file on me now.
  23. I wonder if my government has a file on me now.
  24. What would happen if I went to Chinese jail?
  25. I miss nature.
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