5 Kooky Things Chinese Parents Believe About Gaming

Playstation 2 games on display at a mall in Taiwan. (Winertai / Wikimedia Commons)
Playstation 2 games on display at a mall in Taiwan. (Winertai / Wikimedia Commons)

Gaming addiction is a serious problem in China, and many parents have a negative attitude toward their children’s use of computers. Here are five beliefs of Chinese parents from a blog by westerner Iain Garner, who has been teaching at a university in China for four years.

1. It’s bad for your eyes

In China, a huge number of people wear glasses. According to Iain, over 75 percent of his students are bespectacled, so it’s easy for parents to imagine that computers and gaming are responsible for this.

2. You’ll become a criminal

If you believe what Chinese media say, gamers often rob and assault people because they’re so addicted. But most Chinese simply enjoy gaming as a hobby, although they may be guilty of software piracy!

3. You’ll get radiation sickness

This one is about computers in general, but Iain says a surprisingly large number of Chinese think screens can affect their health, whether through increased cancer rates, drying out the skin, or turning your eyes yellow! Businesses have capitalized on this by marketing special aprons for pregnant women or even radiation-proof brands of makeup.

4. You’ll never get married

Chinese parents have two obsessions–their children must study, and then get married. So of course they want their offspring to be as eligible as possible. Interestingly, Iain’s students all think gaming is bad for relationships as it affects time spent together.

5. You’ll get addicted

Addiction is certainly a danger for young people, but banning gaming is not a solution for parents, much as they may fear gaming addiction.

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