10 Biological Bullys That Tomatoes Will CRUSH

Tomato’s vitamin C content is about 10 times that of watermelon. With the protection of organic acids, its vitamin C content is not easily altered during storage and cooking. Tomatoes are also more readily utilized by the body (digested). Tomatoes can also be beneficial in the treatment of scurvy, purpura, influenza, and lesions. If you’ve never heard of these bastards–thank a tomato. Vitamin C is the cause of many of these diseases–and tomatoes have lot’s of it.

1. Curing skin diseases

Crush fresh ripe tomatoes after removing the skin and seeds, and apply the puree to the wound two or three times a day to kill bacteria and cure infectious skin diseases.

2. Maintain good looks and prevent aging

Crush fresh ripe tomatoes until pureed and add a little sugar. Apply the mixture to the face every day to make the skin feel tender and delicate. Applying tomatoes in this manner can help to maintain good looks and prevent aging.

3. Preventing cancer

In light of the fact that tomatoes are very nutritious and facilitate heat-elimination, detoxification and the suppression of pathological changes, eating one or two fresh ripe tomatoes every day can reduce the risks of certain cancers.

4. Curing hypertension

Eating one or two fresh ripe tomatoes with sugar every morning when the stomach is empty can help to lower blood pressure.

5. Curing anemia

Eating a fresh tomato, an apple, and 15 grams of sesame once or twice per day can cure anemia.

6. Curing gastric ulcers

For patients suffering from mild peptic ulcers, drinking equal amounts of squeezed tomato and potato juice in a glass in the morning and evening for ten consecutive days can cure the condition.

7. Curing hepatitis

Boil a spoonful of diced tomatoes along with a half spoon of chopped celery and carrots, and a half spoon of lard. Add the ingredients to rice porridge along with a moderate amount of salt and MSG to aid in the treatment of hepatitis.

8. Preventing heatstroke

To help prevent the onset of heatstroke, boil one or two sliced tomatoes with a little salt or sugar to create a soup.

9. Curing a high fever

Drinking equal amounts of squeezed tomato and watermelon juice in a glass every hour can cure a high fever.

10. Treating bleeding gums

Eating fresh tomatoes regularly for half a month can cure bleeding gums.

Source: weixin.qq.com

Translated by Billy Shyu

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