Did Cute & Sexy Seohyun of K-pop’s Girls’ Generation Really Marry a Homeless Chinese Man?

K-pop super-cutie Seohyun is reported to have an estranged Chinese husband. The man in question was found begging on the streets of southeast China’s Jiangxi Province. There he held a poster with a photo of his “wife,”  Seohyun. The poster claims she died in a fire which left him homeless.

Seohyun is one of nine members of K-pop sensation Girls’ Generation. She is also a member of the three member subgroup, Girls’ Generation–TTS. At 22, Seohyun is the youngest member of both groups. Was she really married to this mysterious Chinese man?

Now let’s see some music videos from Seohyun and her bandmates.

Promotion for Girls’ Generation “Oh!”

Performing “The Boys” on David Letterman

One of their first big hits, “Gee.”

Girls' Generation (Screenshot/Youtube)

Girls’ Generation (Screenshot/Youtube)

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