The Amazing Effects of Onion Soaked in Red Wine

Onions soaked in red wine are surprisingly good for your health. (Darwin Bell/Wikimedia Commons)
Onions soaked in red wine are surprisingly good for your health. (Darwin Bell/Wikimedia Commons)

When I traveled to Hong Kong, a wine retailer friend of mine told me that onions soaked in red wine can help get rid of common chronic diseases, and this treatment is apparently quite popular in Japan.

He shared the recipe with me. At first I was a bit suspicious, because I thought he was just trying to sell me some products from his store.

I told my brother Joe and his wife Lily about the secret after I came back to the States. They laughed, but were eager to try it out, because all the ingredients are cheap.

My wife and I decided to join them. After drinking this wine for a few weeks, we all noticed some improvements, like my wife no longer goes to the bathroom multiple times in the night. We’d like to pass this recipe on to other folks, and hope that it helps you too.


  • 2 Onions
  • 500 ml red wine

(You will need 3 onions per bottle of wine, usually 750ml)


  1. Wash onions, remove skin, cut each onion into 8 equal parts
  2. Place cut onions in a jar, and cover with the wine
  3. Seal the jar, store in a cool area for 7 or 8 days
  4. Separate wine and onions into different containers, and refrigerate


  1. Drink one 50ml glass of wine once or twice daily (or 20 ml for elderly people)
  2. For best effect, eat the soaked onion slices with the wine
  3. For those who can’t drink alcohol, add the same amount of water, and boil for 5 minutes, then cool and drink
  4. For those who prefer it sweet, add a small amount of honey


1. Helps stabilize blood pressure in people with hypertension.

2. Helps lower blood sugar in people with diabetes.

2. Greatly improves presbyopia; patients can read without glasses if they drink this regularly.

3. Cures frequent urination at night.

4. Cures insomnia.

5. Relieves eye strain.

6. Treats albinuria or white urine from severe urinary tract infections.

7. Treats constipation.

Why not give this inexpensive yet effective remedy a try if you are middle-aged or older, and suffering from any of these ailments?

For another great natural recipe to improve your health, read our article about honey and cinnamon.

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