Massive Sinkhole Devours 4 Cars at Parking Lot in Southwest China

    (Screenshot/Sina News)(Screenshot/China News)

    A huge sinkhole opened up next to a construction site in Chengdu after a sudden heavy rainstorm, pulling down four cars, and leaving a white SUV hanging on the edge.

    The four cars dropped about 30 feet into the pit, along with several trees. Fortunately no one was hurt, China Daily reported.

    Check out this video footage of the scene.

    (Screenshot/Sina News)

    View of the sink hole from the side showing the four cars that fell into it. (Screenshot/Sina News)


    A white SUV balances on the edge of the sink hole. (Screenshot/Sina News)

    (Screenshot/China News)

    A close-up of the cars inside the pit. (Screenshot/China News)

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