Who Wants a Short Vid of Some Talking Heads on China’s Economy? (Oh! Oh! Oh! Me! Me! Me! Right Here! Bring It On CNBC!)

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And Of Course My Expert Analysis of: Reforms Boosting China and the Rest of Asia


Ok, to be honest, I don’t really understand what they’re talking about. Basically, the guy wearing the beard and the accent says that reforms are on the way in China—this will save its economy. The government, he says, has a firm grasp on things and it will do what needs to be done to make sure things stay peachy. Or, in his words, the only way things would go south for the economy is if “the government let it be so.” And yet… the next words out of his mouth are, “So, the Chinese story is one of reform.”

Wait… what? The government’s in control of everything and this means we have reform. What kind of reform?

Well, it seems that he means that the government has become so sensitive to the needs of the economy that it has become very responsive in implementing reform. OK. OK. I mean, command economies are not really known for their efficiency—the whole reason why China became a free-market economy in the first place—but the man’s saying that while China’s economy has become capitalist, the government is still holding the reigns and, in its exceptional wisdom, it will pull those reigns to bright shores.  

But, then again, Mr. Stephen Davies is CEO of Javelin Wealth Management. Which means that he’d be a bit… let’s just say, silly, if he didn’t understand the lucrativeness of investment in China. And he’d be really… silly, to say something that would discourage such investment considering how much money he’s probably invested in all those companies (all of them) that are making huge said investments. So there may be some bias. But, hey—if the poop is about to start hitting the proverbial fan–sometimes you (as Brit Davies says) “Just gotta run with the herd.” Wait. Wouldn’t it be better to not do that? (See link for details).


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