Street Artist Paints Iran’s Capital into a Surreal Dreamscape

    This building becomes an enormous playground in the sky. (1Mark.Cn)This mural paints a bridge apart. (1Mark.Cn)The whole in this building seems so real. (1Mark.Cn)Looking at this building is like looking into a fish bowl. (1Mark.Cn)This building lifts you through on a balloon ride. (1Mark.Cn)This building refreshes with a very localized rain. (1Mark.Cn)They are walking right up the walls of this building. (1Mark.Cn)What would have been a drab building exterior becomes a work to ponder deeply. (1Mark.Cn)An awesome scene of flying cars and future building gets painted into life. (1Mark.Cn)

    Mehdi Ghadyanloo is turning Iran’s city buildings into surreal perceptions of reality. He used to head out at night to do graffiti. Now he gets support from the government for murals. Take a look at what he has painted. But be careful. Stare too long and get sucked into another dimension.

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