Watch Full Jay Chou Concert and See Why He Dominates Asian Pop

Jay Chou from Taiwan has dominated the Asian pop scene for years with his signature style. He combines Chinese influences with Western style classical and pop music.

Here’s the list of songs:

00:00 Opening
02:55 Dragon Rider
06:52 The Era
10:00 Snake Dance
13:49 Love Before the Century
17:22 I’m Not Worthy
22:07 Hip-Hop Stewardess
24:58 William’s Castle
31:05 Mr. Magic
34:19 Black Humor – with Cindy Yen
39:00 The Drifters
42:50 With The Drifters
47:31 Rice Aroma
51:10 Sunshine Homeboy
55:18 Tornado
59:45 Promised Happiness + Eliminate + Blue and White Porcelain
1:03:28 Time Machine
1:08:25 Dad, I’m Home + Who Knows My Heart
1:16:28 Rain Falls All Night
1:20:42 Diary: Fly for Love – with Gary Yang
1:25:00 In the Name of the Father
1:31:02 Can’t Utter a Word
1:37:20 Give Me the Time of a Song -with Jolin Tsai
1:42:14 East Wind Breaks
1:47:33 Nunchucks

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