Golden Bugs: Farmers Earn Thousands From Catching Cicadas for Restaurants

Deep-fried golden cicadas. (Screenshot/
Deep-fried golden cicadas. (Screenshot/

Locals in Shanxi Province have been cashing in on insects by capturing golden cicadas, and selling them for about $25 per pound.

Chinese people eat cicadas because they are full of protein, and are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for restoring energy levels after an illness or operation. Afficionados find them tasty, and they are becoming quite popular as a food now.

Villagers in Linyi County grow apples, and there are plenty of golden cicadas in the orchards from May to July. Locals use torches and buckets to collect dozens of them with some people earning up to $1,000 a night, according to Tencent News.

Translated research by Mona.

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