LOOK: Dog Spotted Taking Man for a Run in Nanjing

    A man jogs next to his dog riding an electric scooter. (Weibo.com)The pair are in the middle of a main road in Nanjing. (Weibo.com)

    This man was photographed running beside his dog riding an electric scooter on August 5, sparking a flurry of online comments.

    The blogger who posted the photos said he was confused about who was looking after who, according to Tencent News.

    Someone replied: “Normally a man takes his dog for a walk, but now it’s the other way round: The dog enjoys riding the bike, while the man follows like his servant.”

    Another pointed out that the dog was driving without a license, and the man was jogging on a main road, so both will get fined.

    A third wrote that it’s a bad idea to wear flip flops when jogging with a dog!

    Translated research by Mona.

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