Taiwan: ‘This Video Gives a Glimpse into One of the Most Beautiful Countries I Have Ever Visited’

Taiwan is incredibly beautiful. This little video takes you on a journey, a visual travel journal, mostly of the capital city Taipei. Looks like the essence of Chinese culture is alive here, and the street food, that’s here. Hungry.

“I randomly ended up spending 3 months in Taiwan this past summer. This video gives a glimpse into one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited. Enjoy,” Terry Proveda wrote on his Vimeo post.

Going beyond Taipei, you’ll find Taiwan (9 Taiwan Hot Spots) is a wonderland of tropical like forests, gorgeous coastline, wild-life, old-timey villages, spiritual scenery like Sun Moon Lake and Mount Alishan, and many other National Scenic areas.

Taiwan’s high-speed rail from Taipei makes it fast and easy to travel the country too.

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