Classic Natural Slimming Foods

losing weight can be simple

To lose or not to lose—weight is a popular topic these days. Either you want to gain some pounds, or lose them. Below are 5 foods that will help you get a slim body; the knowledge is yours to either eat them, or avoid them.

Watermelon works as a diuretic (tending to increase the excretion of urine); its sodium content is low, and it is free of fat. Most obese people have accumulated too much water and by eating watermelon, you can easily observe the effect of discharging more water (urine). In wintertime when there are no watermelons, you can use dried melon skin—approx. 30 grams per cup with water to obtain gradual weight loss.

Another slimming effect can be observed by eating cucumbers. Medical experiments have shown that cucumbers inhibit the formation of carbohydrates into fatty alcohol and acidic substances. They also promote the excretion of intestinal cholesterol.

Papaya decomposes fat compositions. Papaya milk contains two enzymes, one of which is papain (a commercial meat tenderizer, and in medicine a protein digestant). Regular consumption can benefit obese people.

The “plum” is believed to be a world leader in weight loss programs. There are more than 200 varieties of plums. They are rich in vitamins A and C, riboflavin, potassium, and fiber. The plum gives significant antioxidant protection.

Konjac root is another name for glucomannan—the fiber derived from the root of the konjac plant that grows mainly in Asia. The konjac root is said to stimulate and maintain weight loss, and control appetite. Konjac root is processed into tofu, noodles, bread, and cakes. Serious side effects have been reported, and its use has been banned in some countries. Further research is needed.

Translated research by Helen, Jurgen.

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