Magical Onions!

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    1. Onions may fight osteoporosis

    The latest research report in the authoritative journal Nature said that the onion is the best vegetable in preventing osteoporosis from happening. People who want to use onion to prevent osteoporosis need to eat 200-300 grams of onion a day. Onion with scrambled eggs and stir-fried with beef are healthy, delicious dishes; raw onion, or onion juice is even better in bringing onion’s magical effects.

    2. Onion can prevent high cholesterol

    A cardiologist at Harvard Medical School pointed out that half a raw onion a day can increase 30 percent of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, the good cholesterol. This was originally a folk remedy, but clinic experiments have proved its validity.

    3. Onion can break down fat

    In addition, he also found that onion can prevent platelet aggregation and accelerate the dissolution of blood clots.

    4. Onion can prevent stomach cancer

    Onion and garlic, green onion, and leeks, these Allium vegetables contain anti-cancer chemicals. People who eat more onions can reduce their chances of getting stomach cancer.

    5. Onions can fight asthma

    Onion contains at least three anti-inflammatory substances that can treat asthma. According to German researches, onion can reduce the probability of asthma attack by about 50 percent.

    6. Onions can cure diabetes
    In ancient times, onion was used to treat diabetes, and modern medicine has proved that onion can indeed reduce blood sugar.

    7. Onion can prevent insomnia

    In daily life, onion can also be used to combat insomnia: Place chopped onion on the pillow; onion’s specific stimulus will calm nerves and result in a magic sleep.

    8. Onions can prevent nasal congestion

    When catching a cold, drinking hot onion soup can induce sweat and reduce fever. With nasal congestion, putting a small piece of onion into the nose can clear the nose.
    And more
    In addition, drinking red wine with chopped onion soaked for a week in the refrigerator can be effective for the treatment of gout.

    Onion emits a substance that can purify indoor air.

    (Data from the Hong Kong health group)

    Translated research from Monica, Aizhu, and Felice.

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