An Easy Guide to a Peaceful Mind

Be happy to be healthy. (Image: benjaminasmith via Compfight cc)
Be happy to be healthy. (Image: benjaminasmith via Compfight cc)

A man’s bad temper affects his career and a woman’s her marriage…  No one wants that, so here are 6 ways to be ease at heart.

1. Apologize.

To apologize means great self-improvement. You won’t lose anything by apologizing, but instead it demonstrates your breadth of mind.

2. Be gentle form the heart.

Learning to be gentle and soft will help you see the world with a new light,  a light of  compassion. Having a gentle heart means a huge step forward in self-improvement.

3. Forbear.

By forbearing  stressful situations  with a calm demeanor life turns  calm and peaceful.  A healthy life style and meditation can help you to achieve this peaceful mind.

4.  Communicate.

Communication is the way to  understanding and considerate of each other. As a result, they would be supportive of each other and harmony would ensue.

5. Let go

Life is like carrying a suitcase, try not to make it a heavy burden you are dragging along.  Letting go of a mental burden and you will be free!

6. Appreciate life

Appreciation and gratitude keeps bad temper at bay, just give it a try.


With research from Monica and Aizhu, translated by Wendys.


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