Raw Chocolate… Love

A piece of chocolate from Raw Chocolate Love.
A piece of chocolate from Raw Chocolate Love.

We all love chocolate!—I want to believe. As a society, we love it so much that we have spent tons of time and resources in trying to prove it is good for us… and it turns out, it is!

Many researchers have proven the many benefits of eating chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, such as cardiovascular benefits, weight loss, reduced stress, sun protection  (by eating it), higher intelligence, anti-depressant qualities, and the list goes on and on.  The only downside was… sugar.

Raw, organic dark chocolate may contain the right balance because not all chocolate is made equal.  The minimal cooking helps to retain the natural antioxidants, minerals, and nutrients, like vitamin L (for love). Using agave instead of sugar, you can enjoy chocolate guilt-free.

Next time you are around your organic natural store, search for the many options of raw chocolate. I choose Raw Chocolate Love because it has Himalayan salt and an eye-catching product design.

The experience of eating it has no equal, with its soft, airy texture, and a mild and sharp flavor that is not overwhelmed by sugar.

Raw, organic chocolate may provide better health benefits

Raw organic dark chocolate may provide health benefits.


The best thing is, you can even enjoy dark chocolate as a mousse, by making it yourself at home. You can find one of many dark chocolate mousse recipes online here. The selection and flavors are seemingly endless. Once you try out a few you’ll know which one is your favorite.

Happy eating!

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