FUNNY: My Dorm Room Looks Just Like a Jail Cell

    A cell at the Beijing Detention Center. ( typical dorm room in a Chinese high school or college. (

    It’s the start of the new semester, and Chinese students are already complaining about being back to school.

    Today, a blogger called Making U Humorous posted a photo of a cell at the Beijing Detention Center, saying: “Eight people, bunk beds, a long desk in the middle. This feels amazingly familiar…

    “I looked at my dorm room, and then I understood why. Good grief!”

    His post was retweeted over 9,000 times, and got 4,000 likes. Here are a few of the comments…

    Cuber_air: “Damn it! My dorm room is even worse than jail!

    Duckweed: “See, school is a mini-jail.”

    Lxr_L: “Look, they’re studying! They’re doing better than us.”

    Give me thumbsup: “I envy them so much that I want to… get arrested like Jackie Chan’s son.” (Jaycee Chan was recently detained at the Beijing Detention Center).


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