These 8 Surprising Fashion Trends From Around the World Will Expand Your Style Consciousness

These local fashions are so amazing, that some are even influencing the runways of New York Fashion Week.

Around the world we can see what particular fashions are bubbling. Its amazing how creative people are becoming in different areas of the country and the world. In some areas it really isn’t easy. I mean, Congo had to wait for the war to end for the local fashion scene to grow. And those Mexican boots! Imagine how much easier to kick butt.

Anyhow, I think I am particularly inspired by this video. I think I’ll invent my own fashion scene, give something for you all to catch on to. Let’s call it, the plain style. Oh it’s not fancy, nor even noticeable. That’s what’s be cool about it. You’ll purposely look bland. It will be great! The less you stand out, the more stylish you are.

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