5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Taiwan

    A typical street in Taipei, Taiwan. (Image: Linda Luo/Vision Times)Taiwanese street food. Get THIS in your belly! (Image: Linda Luo/Vision Times)Atop Wulai Mountain, Taiwan. (Image: Linda Luo/Vision Times)Bodhisattva Statue in Taiwan. (Image: Linda Luo/Vision Times)

    Last year I spent five days on a Taiwan stopover, which became one of the most eye-opening trips I’ve ever made.

    Right now there’s a booming interest in Korea and Japan, both of which are amazing places to experience in their own ways. But if you’re after a raw East-Asian experience that’s more enriching than the bustling Chinatown streets of New York’s Flushing, then you may want to consider a trip to Taiwan.

    Here are 5 great reasons to visit Taiwan:

    1. The abundance of cheap food. That’s perfect if you’re traveling on a low budget. Taiwan’s night markets are littered with various small eateries, whether you’re looking to dine in or roam the streets with yummies in hand.
    2. Peaceful mountainous landscapes. My favorite, least-crowded place was Wulai. A bit of a hike, but the view (and restaurant at the top) was well worth the effort.
    3. Humble locals. Somewhere in between the street tricksters and the overzealous sales assistants there are incredibly polite and helpful locals.
    4. Preserved culture. The Taiwanese are very proud of their nationality and their politeness can be drawn back to their well preserved culture.
    5. The night life. Taiwan’s night life is bursting with energy and is just as, if not more, lively than it is during the day.
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