Moray Eel Meets Lady, What Will Happen Next?

When I come across a moray eel while snorkeling or diving, I think, “Alright cool, but I better keep my distance.” This lady, Valerie Taylor thinks, “Oh lovely, that eel looks nice, I’m going to make friends with it.” Watch what happens.

A few details. Valerie is in the Banda Sea, near Indonesia. She’s a regular Steve Erwin of ocean creatures, so be careful, a morays bite can be dangerous to humans.

While talking about being surrounded by 200 white tip sharks in a feeding frenzy on a sperm whale, she thought she was going to die, but do you know what she said in the Sport Diver interview? “I don’t get scared, I just get excited. I would do it again tomorrow. Nothing can replacesheer unadulterated adventure.”

Read about her here, she’s amazing!

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