How Much Would You Pay For Lunch With Warren Buffett or Tim Cook?

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How much would you pay to have lunch with Warren Buffett? (Image: Vision Times/Jef Poskanzer/Flickr)

What is a lunch auction? Well, it’s famous people, often billionaires, selling their lunch or coffee breaks to whoever will pay MILLIONS of dollars to see them eating or drinking. You have to admit that’s some smart money making.

Unsurprisingly, lunch auctions have become a trend among the rich.

Interested? According to Tencent Weibo, here’s how much it might cost you:

    1. Warren Edward Buffett has been selling his lunch time since 2000. The average price is over $2 million.
    2. Jim Roger auctioned his lunch time in Shanghai on June 28 ,2014. The starting price was around $58, 888, but was said to have reached over a million yuan ($US162,739).
    3. Former Google CEO, Eric Emerson Schmidt, auctions his 30-min coffee breaks, including a showing of the Google New York office for $2 million a pop.
    4. News Corp CEO, Rupert Murdoch, auctions his lunch time from 25,000 British Pounds ($US40, 602) to raise funds for College in Jerusalem.
    5. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, in 2013 auctioned his one-hour coffee break for $610, 000.
    6. Chinese Hua Yuan property CEO, Ren Zhiyuan, auctioned his lunch time and post-lunch-talk for 450, 000 yuan ($US73,232).

Alright, it may seems expensive, but what benefits do you think you would gain from that meeting time?

Now I’m wondering: How much are the lunch prices for a Hollywood star?

Research by Monica.

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