Gang Steals ATM but Police Have Last Laugh (Video)

Police in the U.K. have released dramatic CCTV footage of a ram raid gang stealing a cash machine from a university.

Two men – looking very creepy – wearing white dust suits and balaclavas entered a building at the University of East Anglia to tie up an ATM with a tow rope that was secured to a black Mercedes SUV.

Once the rope was secure, and the crooks got out of the way, the SUV drove off and the cash machine got well and truly ripped from the wall, flying some 20 feet away.

The footage also includes some dashboard cam taken from a Norfolk Police vehicle during the gang’s apprehension which includes the cop car ramming the black SUV.

The three men involved in the theft all pleaded guilty this week to this and other similar crimes. They will serve a total of 14 years in jail.

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