I Dare You to Drop Me! This is Why Cats Are the Best Gymnasts

Cats seem to defy physics. They operate on a complex set of principles which allow them to always land on their feet.

Cats have puzzled scientists. Scientists have tried to understand what goes on in falling cats. They’ve made theoretical studies of theoretical cats. But in this video, actual falling cats are studied with slow motion video footage.

What’s so interesting about a falling cat? I suppose if you want to have cat-like reflexes of your own, you’d try to understand how cats do it. But I doubt most people could develop the backbone flexibility that allows cats to twist in such a way that they land perfectly on their feet.

This doesn’t mean cats always land unharmed, but they are extremely resilient to falling.

I hope that I have not suddenly encouraged a whole bunch of you to start throwing your cats. Don’t try to determine how fast you can throw the cat to defeat the principle. Don’t see from how far up you can drop the cat before it gets hurt landing on its outstretched paws.

Best option is to leave your cats alone. Let them live in peace, or face the consequences.

Cat Slaps Dog

This is what will happen if you start trouble. (imgur.com)

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