How Your Ears Show Your Health According to Chinese Medicine

Ears can tell you a lot about yourself than you may imagine. (Image: Graphicstock)

Two thousand years ago an interesting began from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) texts of classics like “Huangdi Neijing”, or “Yellow Emperor”:

“Based on ears, you can tell what one likes and dislikes, and one’s nature.”

Your ear is a microcosm of your body, and almost all changes in your body’s internal organs can be seen on your ears.

Now, use these TCM tips to check your health via your ears:

  1. Thicker is better than thinner. Thicker ears signify strong kidney.
  2. Softer is better than harder. Soft and plump earlobes show the physical body is getting good nutrients and good energy.
  3. Bright and moist is better than bleak and dry.
  4. Flat, clean, and smooth is better than wrinkly; the chances of getting coronary heart disease, heart attack, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and hyperlipidemia is higher for people with a crease on their earlobes.

What are your ears telling you?

With research by Felice.

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