Learning How to Fight With 700-Pound Sumo Manny Yarbrough

Manny Yarbrough holds the world record for heaviest living athlete. He stands 6’8″ and he’s weighed up to 882 pounds.

Yarbrough has competed as a sumo, a judo player, a football player, a greco-roman style wrestler, and a mixed martial artist. He’s done best at football, judo, and sumo. He’s done a lot to spread the popularity of sumo and he’s the most popular sumo outside of Japan.

Though he’s a skilled sumo wrestler, don’t let the weight fool you into thinking it provides the ultimate advantage in a fight. He’s lost MMA fights to much smaller opponents.

That’s not to say that you die-hard fighters out there can jump into the ring with this guy and come out unharmed. The smaller guys have to draw upon a lot of skill when facing such a huge opponent.

Yarbrough can recall growing up and always being a bit bigger than everyone else. When playing in the schoolyard with others, he often had to make sure he didn’t accidentally hurt the other kids.

Yarborough knew he was big, but I wonder if he knew he would grow up to be the world’s biggest athlete.

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