YouTube Beauty Queen Jenn Im Gets Fashionable in Shanghai

Get a fashionably thorough look at Shanghai through the experience of one of YouTube’s top fashionistas, Korean-American vlogger Jenn Im.

Jenn started posting fashion and beauty videos on YouTube before it was cool. I’d say her style is still quite fresh compared to the overload of fashion mongers posting videos these days, and her personality is ultra magnetic.

She’s in China’s largest city for an event with beauty brand SK-II. Besides exploring facial products, she explores Shanghai’s food, and shows us some cute fashion looks.

What’s funny is that she has arranged a meet & greet for her fans at Google’s Shanghai headquarters…but Google is banned in China. Jenn Im runs her video show off YouTube, which is owned by Google, also blocked in China. I’m wondering if she’s figured out which methods her Chinese fans are using to crack internet censorship and get their fashion fix.

She also mentions Instagram. Sorry Jenn Im, Instagram is also now blocked in China, probably to block the flow of info about the ongoing protests in Hong Kong.

Anyhow, we get a look at one of the world’s great cities, through the eyes of one of the internet’s most fashionable people.

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