2 Kangaroos Are Doing What in Front of My House? (Video)

In Australia, it’s not unusual to see male kangaroos kick boxing almost anywhere, even in the street, as they are very territorial.

When fighting, kangaroos don’t actually punch each other. They hold their opponent with their forelegs as they kick with their feet, using their tails as support, which you can clearly see in this video. It only looks like they’re punching each other.

Their kicking can be quite dangerous, as the claws on their hind feet can rip open flesh, and even disembowel their opponent. You definitely don’t want to get into a brawl with a kangaroo!

A boxing kangaroo is Australia’s national symbol, which might tell you something about Aussies.

Watch this classic battle as two male kangaroos duke it out—no holds barred.

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