How Can I Start Being Healthy?

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What you put into your body plays a huge part in how you feel, and how your body responds. What’s more important, diet or exercise?

In the age of cross fit and juice cleanses, it’s hard to even understand what healthy is or how to ‘achieve’ it.

First off, I think the biggest mistake I see from watching friends is too much too fast. Whether it be with diet or exercise. Jumping from 0-60 in anything is not necessarily healthy. People who go from a sedentary life to trying to work out every day and change their whole diet on a dime, and keep that up long term are few and far between.

My advice for those wanting to make changes would be make solid, small changes. If you don’t work out much, start out doing something small once a week (like running, or body weight exercises maybe), and make a few diet changes that you intend to keep. Maybe switch from white to brown rice, or replace white potatoes with sweet potatoes.

Small changes are still changes, and things take time. Take a deep breath. If you are determined to be healthier, you can be, just do it in a manageable way.

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