Keep Your Mouths Open, Today We’re Cooking Dog Meat and It Smells so Good (Graphic Video)

You’re in for a shock my friends.

There are many ways to skin a dog. There are many places to get a dog freshly chopped and sliced and broken.

The dog may have come off the street. The dog may have been a pet to someone. Or it may have come from a dog and cat farm, where dogs are raised for food, or for their skin to be removed to be used as fur for clothing and furniture.

The dog trade in China isn’t pretty to look at, and neither is this video. This is how it looks in southern China.

There remains opposition all across China to eating dog, and especially to the massive amount of dog meat sold in Yulin. Many object to such a creature treated as high cuisine.

The Chinese government hasn’t acted to close such markets. Authorities try to break up protests, while at the same time telling people that there is no Dog Meat Festival.

The issue raises tempers. Fans of dog cuisine, or those who make their living in the dog meat trade, claim that it is their right to trade in dog. But others say it is a custom that should end.

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