Moving Tribute to Rights Lawyer Cao Shunli Who Died in Detention (Video)

This short film is about a Chinese woman who lost her life standing up for justice in mainland China.

Trained in law, Cao Shunli worked as a civil servant at the Ministry of Human Resources. She exposed corruption among her superiors in 1994, and ended up in jail twice, before losing her job in 2001.

Cao continued to campaign for human rights, but was abducted from a Beijing airport in 2013—just as she was about to fly to Geneva to talk at the United Nations’ Human Rights Council—and disappeared for five weeks.

Chinese authorities then admitted she had been detained, but Cao received poor treatment, and eventually died in hospital on March 14, 2014.

This quote from a fellow activist via Chinese Human Rights Defenders is particularly poignant:

Her spirit is not dead. [Cao Shunli] is still with us.


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