Tourists Throw Hissy Fit at Hong Kong Hotel (Video)

This video shows a group of mainland Chinese tourists provoking police and staff at a hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Before arriving in Hong Kong, the group of 29 from Fujian tried to book seven rooms (that would only accommodate 24 people) for one night. But their credit card had expired, and was rejected by the hotel.

Instead the hotel offered four rooms that could accommodate 25 people, meaning four people would have to sleep on the floor.

After checking in, the tourists went straight to Disneyland. When they got back around 7 p.m., they complained that the hotel had put men and women in the same rooms, and also that the four people now didn’t want to sleep on the floor.

After seven hours of complaining at 2 a.m., the staff finally gave in, and paid for the group to stay at another hotel nearby.

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