Watch a Hologram Sing With a Real Band. Is This the Next New Thing?

Let’s all pretend this is real. A digitized, synthesized voice coming from a holographic projection. A real band. The Late Show with David Letterman. Everything about this is off.

Granted, Letterman has always taken chances with his choices of musical guests. But this is decidedly more different. Dave really doesn’t seem too impressed. Or maybe I am misinterpreting his awkward approach to the nonhuman singer.

Well, not everything is fake about holographic singing star Hatsune Miku. Her band is real, and her fans are really real. And her voice is a computerized version of Japanese voice actress Saki Fujita.

Hatsune Miku worked with Lady Gaga as opening act on tour. But in Japan she’s the main event. Her concerts sell out venues. Will appearances like these lead to popularity and success in the United States as well?

I hope not. I prefer singers of the more humanoid kind. But as many in Japan have found out, it could be a cool way to test out your song lyric ideas if you don’t have any singing friends around.

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