These Are the Dances That Never Should Have Gone Out of Style

Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon give us a lesson in hip hop dance.

They take us from early on, going through all the classic dances we used to do.

You know, most of these dances I haven’t seen in so many years. The wop, the cabbage patch, the running man…t’was just yesterday I was doing them as a child. What happened? Did “twerking” really take the place of all those fun party dances?

Anyhow, I could think of a lot of dances they left out, like the Robocop, the Roger Rabbit, the Smurf. And some others that I’m glad they left out, like the butterfly.

The style of this skit reminds me of the video for So Fresh. Though that was also a fun old school tribute from Will Smith, it’s a much earlier one.

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