North Korea Puts Talks on Hold, Angry About Balloons (Video)

It appears North Korea’s communist leaders have pulled the plug on proposed peace talks with its state run media saying the launching of balloons from the south by activists on Friday is the reason.

In the video above you’ll see a group of defectors, near the sensitive border that divides the two Koreas, send off balloons that carry ­anti-Pyongyang leaflets plus $1 bills, mini radios and other items.

As the balloons floated towards the border, North Korean military opened fire on them which caused a small armed response (that being 40 rounds from one machine gun) from the South Korean military reported the Korean Herald.

No casualties were reported but the North’s media on Saturday indicated that the hoped for resumption of peace talks is now on hold because of the balloons.

Last week, senior North Korean officials made a surprise visit to the south which offered a glimmer of hope that high level talks would take place in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile Dear Leader Jnr, Kim Jong-un still hasn’t been seen in public since Sept. 3.

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