What Kinda Sorcery Is This? Behold, Beatles Pancake Art (Video)

This clip shows how to take the art of dad-ing to the next level. Talented Nathan Shields sketches out Paul, George, John and Ringo in pancake batter for his kids.

Dads, ye have been challenged. Game on.

Hints from my keen observation:

1. The parts you squirt on first are the dark parts, the shading. (You can get a squirty bottle from a $1 store)

2. The pan is non-stick, and piping hot.

3. The right consistency of the batter is no doubt imperative to success. Prepare to experiment.

4. He works fast.

5. You can use a blender/smoothy maker to mix up your batter to perfection and then it’s easy to pour straight into the bottle too (don’t forget the funnel though).

Have fun (eating freaky alien looking pancakes, because honestly, yours will never look this good.)


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