Is This a Baby Elephant or a Piglet?

It-Is-An-Elephant-Or-A -Pig?
A pig born in Jilin that looked like an elephant. (

This bizarre-looking pig was born in the city of Jilin in northeast China.

It had the body of a pig but with gray skin, and what looks like an elephant’s trunk. Its deformed ears were bigger than normal, and it had no mouth.

One media joked that it was a real-life version of the Chinese folk legend:

Cattle give birth to unicorns and pigs give birth to elephants

The piglet was active when it was born, but died two hours later. The other seven babies in the litter were all normal.

Another “elephant pig” was born in Anhui Province in 2009. China is home to the world’s largest pig population, so it seems to get the highest rate of mutant pigs.


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