Asian American Chefs Having a Moment (Video)

Apparently, Asian-American chefs are having a moment. The spotlight on Asian-American chefs is brightening. A new show on ABC called Fresh Off The Boat will help further this cause. Even with this increased awareness around Asian-American chefs, some feel as though the spotlight on women has been overlooked.

NPR argues that there is some gender bias toward Asian women in this industry, even though Joyce Chen, a Chinese American Chef, was recently commemorated with her own stamp. To explore this possible gender bias deeper, it’s important we bring in some key facts. For instance, 2013 Bureau of Labor Statistics report that 45% of cooks working in restaurants are white, and 60% of all chefs are male. The percentage of men in top chef positions is  80%.

Whether or not there’s a serious gender bias, it’s clear the spotlight on Asian-American male and female chefs needs to be increased.

Luckily, some things are in the works to make this happen.

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