Cat and Mouse Between Protesters and Police in Hong Kong (Video)

It’s been back and forth between pro-democracy protestors and police over the past 24 hours or so on the grungy streets of Hong Kong’s Mong Kok district.

After losing their protest site in Mong Kok overnight to police, the protestors regained part of it today and rebuilt their barricades.

Over 20 people were arrested during last night’s chaos, including a female Getty photojournalist who was trying to get a photo of the melee while standing on the bonnet of a luxury Mercedes.

Last night’s events are an extension of what has been occurring during the past few days with young protestors using umbrellas and bamboo barricades to challenge riot police who are armed with batons and pepper spray.

The police have also tried to evict protestors from another site, Lung Wo Road. In total there are three main protest sites.

The protestors want the people of Hong Kong more of a say on how the former British colony’s leaders are chosen but Beijing – via Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying – has remained uncompromising.

China-watchers say that Beijing fears the Hong Kong protests could spur similar acts in mainland China, threatening the Chinese Communist Party’s grip on power.

The video above is a good summary of what is happening but note the still image that is used after the first video cut shows protestors wearing blue ribbons who are a pro-Beijing group who oppose the aspirations of the student led pro-democracy group.

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