Do You Know About These Strange Chinese Habits?

    Western culture is different from Chinese culture. Thus, there are significant differences in responses to daily life and living habits. Here are some Chinese habits that baffle Westerners.

    1. Most Chinese like to keep a remote control in a plastic bag to protect it and keep it hygienic.
    2. Chinese and Westerners both like to gamble, but Chinese are more likely to engage in small gambling or lottery.
    3. Chinese wash dishes by hand and use dishwashers to store them in afterwards.
    4. Westerners like to eat dinner at the dining room table, but Chinese like to eat dinner at a kitchen table near the stove.
    5. Chinese like to drink tea and are brought up with drinking hot water. So every household has a thermos bottle.
    6. After finishing jam or coffee, Westerners throw the bottle away, but Chinese like to clean it, turn it into a water bottle, and carry it everywhere.
    7. Even though an egg beater is now very popular, Chinese still use chopsticks to do the job.
    8. Mainland Chinese like to use a tea cup with a lid. When they are overseas, they have to ask friends and relatives at home to help buy a magnetic lid, which is hard to find.
    9. After child birth, Western women go out within 2-3 days, but Chinese women stay home for a month, and call it “confinement.”
    10. Westerners have more credit cards than cash in their wallets, but Chinese are just the opposite. When counting cash, normally they add some saliva to their finger tips to speed up the process, which can be faster than a machine.
    11. Westerners follow rules and regulations in doing businesses, while Chinese ask acquaintances to help, and often send a small gift first.
    12. Enthusiastic Chinese often see a visitor off and accompany them for a long distance, while Westerners generally don’t do this.
    13. Many Westerners live from paycheck to paycheck, and often have a hard time facing unpaid bills. Chinese people are better prepared, as they save a little bit each month. Most don’t own a credit card.
    14. Most Westerners shower in the morning and then go to work. Chinese  take a bath before bed time even when they are abroad.
    15. When staying at a hotel, Westerners eat in the hotel restaurant, and drink what is available. Chinese will not drink anything unless it is free.
    16. When at home, Chinese rely on their parents; when they are not home, they rely on acquaintances.
    17. Compared with Westerners, more Chinese wear glasses, and many start in elementary school.
    18. During holidays, many Western children travel with their parents, or visit friends and relatives. Chinese parents enroll their children in special classes during holidays.
    19. Chinese like to take a great deal of time and energy to explain to foreigners the difference in addressing their paternal and maternal relatives.
    20. After dinner at a restaurant, Chinese will fight to pay for the table, while Westerners usually go Dutch.

    Translator: Yi Ming


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