Try This Magical Hot Towel Treatment

If blisters or an open wound appear over the injured area, don't use the hot towel treatment. (Image: m01229 via Compfight cc)

Hot towels can improve the following conditions:

1. Eye fatigue

A hot towel promotes blood circulation around your eyes, reducing eye fatigue, and can partially alleviate the symptoms of dry eye, as well as improve eyesight and brain functions.

2. Deafness

A warm towel gently rubbed on the ear improves blood circulation, and prevents ischemia-induced functional deafness.

3. Dizziness

Every few minutes, put a hot towel on the back of your head, as it stimulates acupuncture points, and improves the symptoms of dizziness in some people; it can also improve your responsiveness and thinking skills.

4. Stiff neck

For a slightly stiff neck, put a hot towel on the affected area, bend your head forward slowly, and gently turn your head left and right.

5. Cervical syndrome

You can use a hot towel to improve early symptoms—stiff neck and pain, promotes blood circulation, relieves muscle spasms, and prevents cervical spondylosis.

6. Chronic lumbar pain

A hot towel can relieve lumbar pain. If the condition is serious, go to the hospital.

7. Bruises

For sports injuries, don’t apply the hot towel treatment immediately. After 2-3 days, if there’s no bleeding or swelling, hot towels or hot packs can relieve the symptoms.

8. Indurations due to injections

Every 30 minutes, gently apply a hot towel to the injection site and rub lightly. Rubbing promotes blood circulation within the induration, and also accelerates the absorption of the injected drug.

9. Stiff hip muscles

For stiff hip muscles accompanied by a slight dull pain, put a hot towel over the painful area to relieve the symptoms.

10. Dysmenorrhea

With abdominal pain caused by menorrhea or a cold temperature, you can put a hot towel over the painful area to improve circulation and relieve the symptoms.

A gentle reminder:

If blisters or an open wound appear over the injured area, don’t use the hot towel treatment. When bleeding or swelling persists, do not use a hot towel; you should wait 48 hours after the bleeding has stopped or the swelling has gone down before applying the hot towel technique. Acute abdominal pain and red eye symptom should not use hot towels either.

Translator: Yi Ming

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