He’s From Mississippi and He’s Fighting ISIS (Video)

Another American military veteran has joined outgunned Kurdish forces in north east Syria to fight the Islamic State.

Jeremy Woodard travelled from his home town of Meridian, Mississippi to Syria a month ago and has already seen action in several battles against Islamic State militants.

He is one of three US military vets known by the media to have sided with the Kurds against ISIS. There have also been reports about three members of a Dutch motorcycle gang who are fighting alongside the Kurds in northern Iraq.

Woodward told CBS in the above video that he joined the Kurdish forces because he was angered by the atrocities that ISIS were committing against innocent populations.

The 28-year-old army veteran served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and left the military in 2012.

His uncle, Stephen Woodard told The Clarion-Ledger that Jeremy is close friends with Jordan Matson, another US Army vet who has joined the Kurds to help them fight ISIS.

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