What Happens When 2 Guys Present McDonald’s as Organic at a Foodie Convention

The mind is a powerful filter for our perceptions of reality. Much research supports this, like Masaru Emoto‘s studies with water crystals that found our thoughts play more of an important role shaping our reality than most of us could have imagined.

Now, if you take some regular junk food, arrange it neatly on pristine plates inside a classy foodie convention and label it as “ORGANIC”, would people react the same way as if they saw it at their local McDonald’s?

If you ask me, of course they wouldn’t! Presentation is a big factor in the taste of food.

Our society functions because we trust the conventions and structures we have built up as a group over time. When inside an established institution, like a food convention, someone presents something as “organic”, our minds will naturally start making expectations before trying the sample. The experience of it has already begun in our imaginations.

Besides, most people want to be seen as knowledgeable in front of a camera. In this video it’s the food experts in front of a camera while being offered McDonald’s food mislabeled as “organic”.

Oh, and make sure to click the “cc” button on the video to see English subtitles!

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