12 Character Traits That Can Lead to Failure

There are 12 character traits that can lead you to fail. (Image: Graphicstock)

Some character traits can affect your ability to work, your working conditions, and your ability to make money.

Research has found that some character traits easily lead to poverty and failure.

See if you possess any of these 12 negative character traits.

  1. Contentment: As long as there’s food to eat and clothes to wear, you’re satisfied and have no desire to improve.
  2. Complacency: Whatever you have is the best, and there’s no need to deal with other people, or set higher goals.
  3. Conservativeness: This kind of person lives according his/her past experience; they will not venture out.
  4. Cowardice: These people are always afraid, and lack the courage to take any risk.
  5.  Laziness: There’s two kinds of laziness: physical and mental.
  6.  A loner: To make money, you need to build up good human relationships; being a loner will lead to difficulty in dealing with people.
  7. People of narrow states: This refers to being narrow-minded, having a narrow vision, or narrow knowledge. People who are narrow minded and have narrow visions have a hard time getting along with people and society.
  8. Passiveness: Passive people do not have the initiative to do anything. No matter how great their abilities are, nothing will be accomplished.
  9. Selfishness: These people never want to give and only want to receive. All they will have in the end is themselves instead of success and wealth.
  10. Pride: These people treasure small achievements. Even though they appear successful, it’s only for a short while, as soon they will lose everything.
  11. Self-righteousness: Self-righteous and opinionated people generally have poor interpersonal relationships with others; thus, it is difficult to accomplish great things.
  12. Arrogance: Arrogant people are unpopular; even though they have talents and abilities, they will not listen to suggestions or opinions, which will eventually lead to failure.


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