9 Waterspouts Spotted Twisting Over Lake in China (Photos)

    Swirling white waterspouts linked the lake to the sky. (Weibo.com)One of nine waterspouts are spotted at Qinghai Lake on Oct 20. (Weibo.com)Chinese people call waterspouts dragons, and some people believe they are omens. (Weibo.com)

    Not one, not two, but a total of nine waterspouts were seen at Qinghai Lake in North China on Oct 20.

    The bizarre columns of water appeared one after another in the space of about 40 minutes, linking the lake to the clouds.

    Traditionally waterspouts are described as dragons, and many Chinese people think they are omens.

    Some netizens said it’s a message from the gods, and that these watery Chinese dragons signal the arrival of either a great blessing or tragedy.

    According to scientists, it’s just a natural phenomenon that happens when small tornadoes form above water.

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